Garden Centres

Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd provides quality ornamental and fruit trees to all retail nurseries within Western Australia. An extensive range is available including pomefruit, stonefruit, cherry, citrus, olives, grapes etc, most of which are grafted onto suitable rootstocks.

The majority of our stock is potted into square pots that have been especially made to our requirements. These have proved to be beneficial in freighting on pallets as they stack well as opposed to the traditional round pots.

Several years ago the transition was made from delivering bare rooted fruit trees to pots. This now means the retail garden centre has a much longer and extended purchasing and hence selling period. Olea endeavors to have the majority of stock available for larger periods of time other than the traditional 'bare rooted' season.

Use the Plant Search section of the website to browse Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd stock of fruiting and ornamental products available to Garden Centres.

Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd produce a monthly catalogue listing our available stock and Garden Centres can contact us to request a copy.

Olea Nurseries Pty Ltd also grows bare rooted deciduous ornamentals. These can be ordered from February of each year and are delivered in June.