Olive — New Norcia Mission

Olea Europaea 'New Norcia Mission'

New Norcia Mission Olive - Olea Europaea 'New Norcia Mission'

A dual purpose olive. With its medium dense evergreen canopy and upright style this variety has adapted to our environment being resistant to the cold and olive knot. A very similar variety to Frantoio.

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Fruit information

Maturity: May to July.

Fruit size: Small to medium.

Skin: Green to yellow to purple to black.

Flavour: Unique.

Seed or stone: Freestone.

Yield: 22% oil content, fruit mature.

Plant information

Origin: Public variety.

Status: Public.

Pollinators: Self fertile, can pollinate other varieties.

Bloom period: Late spring.

Tree shape: Erect habit, medium density canopy.

Flower: small white (cream).

Growth rate: Vigorous, hardy.

Roots: Sturdy extensive root system.

Leaf shape: Oblong medium length.

Leaf colour: Bright green above, grey green beneath.

Growing conditions: Resistant to cold.


Disease: Resistant to olive knot, sensitive to olive leaf spot and verticillium wilt

Comments: Highly recommended for WA areas. Similar to Frantoio. Need to prune correctly.


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