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Green Japanese Maple
A small deciduous tree forming a round head. Makes a lovely dappled shape tree. Good for courtyards. Features green leaves in Spring turning orange/red in Autumn. Approx. H: 6m
Pink Flamingo
New Spring shoots are variegated bright pink and freshgreen. Tree appears to be covered in pink blossom at the height of new growth. Mature leaves are apple green and white, flushed slightly pink. Approx. H: 5m W: 4m
Bloodgood Maple
A small shrubby deciduous tree with highly ornamental partially divided, serrated edged foliage of intense colour. In Autumn the foliage becomes bright crimson red before falling. Approx. H: 2 -3 m W: 2 - 3m
Mitchelldean Maple
A medium sized deciduous tree which is extremely popular for its brilliant Autumn colour and shape. The foliage turns from shiny green to crimson in Autumn. Its grey bark is smooth and darkens with age whilst small red flowers appear in individual clusters over late Winter and early Spring. Approx. H: 10m W: 7m
Trident Maple
A small bushy deciduous tree featuring attractive three lobed leaves copper red in Spring, turning green in Summer and brilliant reds in Autumn. Approx. H: 6m
Red Japanese Maple
Has spectacular foliage colour throughout the year ranging from deep purple in Spring, lightening off in Summer and darkening to scarlet in Autumn. Bark is purple/grey and flowers are inconspicuous. Approx. H: 3-5m
Amur Maple
Bunches of creamy white fragrant flowers appear in Spring whilst leaves turn from shiny green to red, orange and yellow tones in Autumn. Approx. H: 3 - 10m
Box Elder
Small yellow/green flowers appear early in Spring hanging on racemes. Foliage is light green with serrated margins and changes to yellow in Autumn. Box Elders often have numerous trunks with smooth branches and brown/grey rigid bark. Approx. H: 18m W: 14m
Variegated Box Elder
A hardy fast growing tree with striking creamy white leaf margins on pinnate leaves. Approx. H: 5 - 6m

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