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Tulip Tree
A large rapidly growing deciduous tree with pretty heart shaped leaves turning from bright green to a wonderful yellow in Autumn. Flowers are a green/yellow and are cup shaped or 'tulip' like in Spring. Tree does not flower every year. Approx. H: 10m
Mop Top Robinia
Bright fresh green compound foliage. Branches spineless and flowers rarely produced. Compact neatly rounded tree. Grafted approx. between 1.5 - 1.8m high.
London Plane
A large tree. The leaves are lobed and long, dark green on top and lighter beneath. Lobes are not deep like the Oriental Plane. Flowers are very small. Approx. H: 20 - 30m
Yunnan Poplar
An erect branching tree with a fast growth rate. It has long tapering dark green leaves on the upper surface which turn bright yellow just before dropping in Autumn. Approx. H: 10 - 12m W: 5m
Alford Blaze™
Has thick leathery, deep green leaves which transform into the most amazing, firey Autumn colours, in shades of deep orange, bronze and red. Stunning display continues for a long period over Autumn and into early Winter. Approx. H: 15m
Pin Oak
Medium to large tree with a unique shaped due to its mostly drooping branches. Most other oaks are upright or of a horizontal habit. Mid Spring sees green yellow catkins develop which are inconspicuous. Leaves turn from shiny green to a beautiful scarlet in Autumn. Bark is grey/brown and furrowed once mature, while smooth and lighter on younger branches. Approx. H: 10 -20m
A pyramidal shaped, deciduous tree known for its attractive, corky bark and decorative Autumn display of orange, red and purple maple like leaves. Colour will vary due to this tree being a seedling. Leaves remain shiny green in Spring and Summer. Approx. H: 10 - 30m
Chinese Pistachio
A medium sized tree, very hardy and can withstand harsh conditions and poor quality soil. Spectacular display of orange pinnate leaves in Autumn. Approx. H: 15m
A columnar shaped Pin Oak with glossy, dark green leaves and fine lobes. Turning deep red to bronze in late Autumn, with an even more brilliant scarlet colour in cooler areas. Leaves often persisting over Winter. Approx. H: 14m W: 3m
Simon's Poplar
This tall, narrow, deciduous tree is known for its fast growth and its diamond shaped, silvery-green leaves. Approx. H: 30m
Oriental Plane
An erect branching tree, fast growth rate. Leaves are light green, palmate, deeply divided and lobed. Approx. H: 25m W: 6m
Silver Birch
Silver Birch has a slender crown with a silvery white trunk which becomes fissured and black with age at the base. Branches are pendulous with broadly ovate leaves. These trees are spectacular in Winter when they have no leaves and show off their magnificent bark on the trunk. Approx. H: 15m

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