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Dwarf Monty's Surprise®

Malus domestica 'Monty's Surprise'

A crisp, good eating Apple which produces extra large, red over yellow fruit. An Apple with high flavonoids and antioxidant levels both in the skin and flesh. Ideal for juicing and cooking. Matures: Approx. late March - April. Pollinators: Pinkabelle® (PBR), Leprechaun™ (PBR), Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Gala. Growing Regions: Cool Temperate, Cool and Mediterranean. Size: Approx. H: 2.5m W: 2m



Grown Exclusively under license for PlantNet® Signature Collection™ Range




NOTE: This product is available to Garden Centre customers only. All sales subject to Olea Nurseries' standard Terms and Conditions.



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