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Super Dwarf Golden Delicious

Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious'

An all purpose golden Apple, medium to large sized fruit with a conical shape. Skin pale green turning golden yellow with a juicy, firm, crispy creamy flesh. Matures: Approx. February - April. Pollinators: Granny Smith, Jonathan, Naga Fu2 / Red Fuji, Leprechaun™A, Pinkabelle®A and Pink Lady. Growing Regions: Cool Temperate, Cool and Mediterranean. Size: Approx. H: 1.8m W: 1.5m



Grown Exclusively under license for PlantNet® Super Dwarf Apples™ and Backyard Beauties™ Range




NOTE: This product is available to Garden Centre customers only. All sales subject to Olea Nurseries' standard Terms and Conditions.



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