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ARC Sun 1 (Sunkiss)

Prunus salicina 'Sunkiss'

Matures: Approx. February. Skin: Yellow. Flesh Colour: Yellow. Stone: Clingstone. Brix: 16. Fruit Size: 56mm. Fruit Shape: Round. Pollinators: Harry Pickstone, Laetitia, Sapphire, Sundew (PBR), Santa Rosa and other early flowering Plums. Cropping: Good.



Grown under license in Australia to ANFIC.



Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infringement under the Plant Breeders' Rights Act 1994.

NOTE: This product is available to Commercial Grower customers only. All sales subject to Olea Nurseries' standard Terms and Conditions.





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