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Blue Hyacinth
An upright shaped shrub when young which then becomes spreading with age. It has green heart shaped leaves with beautiful large panicles of single lavender-blue fragrant flowers blooming early in abundance throughout Spring. Approx. H: 3m W: 2m
Miss E. Willmott
This strong tall shaped shrub blooms in Spring with delicate, highly fragrant, double pure white flowers that are borne on pyramidal shaped panicles. Approx. H: 3m W: 2 - 3m
Cora Brandt
A medium sized, late flowering lilac ,which produces masses of sweetly fragrant, double white flowers. Approx. H: 2m W: 2m
This strong tall shrub produces masses of double dusty darker pink buds which open to pale pink, fragrant flowers through out Spring. Approx. H: 3m W: 2m
A medium sized, open growing shrub which blooms profusely throughout Spring with sweetly scented unique single yellow/lemon panicle flowers which become richer and more golden with age. Approx. H: 1.5m W: 2m
Olivier de Serres
This strong hardy shrub produces large double, mauve pink flowers with unique 'curly' appearance, faint fragrance petals throughout Spring. Approx. H: 3m W: 2m
Belle de Nancy
This strong tall shaped shrub blooms throughout Spring with extremely fragrant semi-double to double deep lilac/pink panicle blooms tinged with a touch of blue. Approx. H: 2 - 3m W: 1 - 2 m
Alice Eastwood
This strong tall shrub is early blooming with double mauve-pink, mild fragrant flowers produced in loose panicle with a touch of blue. Leaves are broad to ovate and turn purplish shades in Autumn. Approx. H: 3m
A very showy open grown shrub which flowering throughout Spring with striking dark purple with a white edged panicle shape, mildly fragarant flowers. Approx. H: 3 - 6m W: 2 - 6m

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